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Freitag, den 04. Juni 2021 um 10:03 Uhr

Selection_EON-Drohnenshow-Berlin_2021-05-09_Photo-Ralph-Larman_web150 light show drones fly 13 consecutive formations to launch E.ON's "Grids for Tomorrow" campaign

On May 9, 2021, the energy corporation E.ON SE and its nine regional utility companies, launched the "Grids for Tomorrow" campaign, which aims to draw attention to the importance of building effective distribution grids in order to make the energy revolution happen. For the campaign launch, Nocturne® Drone Shows staged an impressive drone show over Berlin's Olympiapark on behalf of the Berlin agency ressourcenmangel. 150 light show drones flew 13 consecutive formations - setting a new world record for the most consecutive formations by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) [Single Group].
The show was streamed simultaneously on the campaign website (, on E.ON's Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as on EON’s regional energy providers' social media channels. Technology Arts was responsible for streaming and event production. 

While E.ON and its regional partners wanted to tell the story of the energy revolution and set new standards doing so, it became apparent that it might also be possible to break a world record here. "The client had considered that possibility at an early stage. However, it wasn't until the storyboard had been developed that it became evident that this show really had the potential to set a new Guinness World Record," says Jens Hillenkötter, Executive Creative Producer of the show. "Afterwards, the biggest challenge was to consistently tell the client's story on the one hand, while staying within the strict Guinness World Records regulations on the other."

In addition to the drone show, an approx. 15-minute pre-program was designed leading up to the actual highlight, the drone show itself and the announcement of the world record by the Guinness Committee. The livestream ended after the official recognition of the Guinness World Record.

In an emotional 10-minute show, the 150 drones flew 13 formations. These included various letterings, but also a wind turbine, a sun, a growing plant, power lines with pulsating lights symbolizing the flow of electricity, an e-car at the charging station, a smart home, a butterfly and, finally, a heart - each individual formation flown with the utmost precision and accuracy.

"We chose a mix of static and dynamic motifs here (e.g. the wind turbine). In addition, we integrated some special perspective effects that were tailored specifically to the drone camera flights. In this way, we managed to create a varied, exciting and emotional drone show.“

For ressourcenmangel, the creative agency responsible for the strategic concept, creation and management of all campaign channels, it was very important not only to bring a drone provider on board, but also a production company with many years of experience in the overall production of such shows. In addition, it was particularly important to E.ON - in accordance with the campaign theme - to make the production as sustainable as possible.

"The fact that, up to a certain size, our drone fleet and infrastructure can run on our proprietary battery-powered technology, not only gives us great advantages in the production itself, but also reduces our CO2 emissions tremendously," continues Executive Creative Producer and Lighting Designer Hillenkötter. "Another bonus was that our technologically most advanced drone fleet copes very well with the changing weather conditions we are currently experiencing in Germany. Even during rehearsals, we got to deal with everything from strong winds to sudden rainfall and even hail - all in on single day! So we were able to prove that our drones can fly a precise show even in difficult weather conditions. And precision and reliability in the formation of motifs are particularly important in Guinness World Records regulations."

"With the campaign, we want to highlight the challenges of the energy transition and point out that there is no climate action without power grids. Together with our client E.ON SE, we are happy about a successful campaign launch and the Guinness World Record," says Claudia Díaz, Managing Director at ressourcenmangel an der Panke. "Nocturne Drone Shows was a very professional and creative partner for this project."

As of May 9, 2021, the official world record keepers in the category "Most consecutive formations by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (Single group)" are now Nocturne® Drone Shows, Jens Hillenkötter and E.ON SE.

The highlights of the drone show can be viewed here:

Nocturne Dr...
Nocturne Drone Shows, Jens Hillenkötter und E.ON stellen neuen Guinness World Record auf © Ralph Larmann Nocturne Drone Shows, Jens Hillenkötter und E.ON stellen neuen Guinness World Record auf © Ralph Larmann

Nocturne Dr...
Nocturne Drone Shows, Jens Hillenkötter und E.ON stellen neuen Guinness World Record auf © Ralph Larmann Nocturne Drone Shows, Jens Hillenkötter und E.ON stellen neuen Guinness World Record auf © Ralph Larmann

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