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Mittwoch, den 09. Januar 2019 um 10:29 Uhr

Movecat_Weihnachtsspende_2018_Helfer_vor_Ort_webMovecat has been supporting social institutions in the Nufringen region for many years and is constantly making donations. This year the company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech equipment for the stage, is providing an equipment upgrade for the first aid team of the newly established German Red Cross station in Nufringen.

In 2017, it was the Red Cross station in the neighbouring town of Gärtringen that benefited from the company's generosity, the donation in that case being for the provision of key accessories for defibrillators. The donation made in 2018 will make it possible for the Red Cross in Nufringen, where the company itself is based, to acquire an AED. The letters AED stand for 'automatic external defibrillator', a device which, in view of its design and way of operation, is particularly suitable for the provision of first aid when, for example, the nearest ambulance and emergency doctor are still some way off, but prompt action by a well-trained first-aid team, such as that of the German Red Cross in Nufringen, can play a crucial role in ensuring the patient's survival.

Caption: The Red Cross team in Nufringen, Maier-Nagel (Head of the Main Office in Nufringen) and CEO Andrew Abele (Photo: Movecat)

Movecat GmbH
Movecat is currently the only manufacturer of kinetic equipment for the stage anywhere in the world capable of offering practice-tested, certified and genuinely available integrated systems compliant with BGV C1 and SIL3 – these consisting of chain hoists, trolleys, band hoists, winches, turntables, load-measurement systems and networks. The company was founded in 1986 by Andrew and Thomas Abele. Movecat products are both developed and manufactured in Germany. Kinetic solutions from Movecat are widely used in big-name national and international shows, tours and TV productions. The company was recently distinguished with a TOP 100 prize, P.I.P.A. award and the VR Innovation Prize for Medium-Sized Companies of the cooperative financial group Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.

Movecat GmbH
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Rot Kreuz Team Nufringen, Hauptamtsleiter Nufringen Maier-Nagel, CEO Andrew Abele Rot Kreuz Team Nufringen, Hauptamtsleiter Nufringen Maier-Nagel, CEO Andrew Abele

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