Start Technik Nocturne Drone Shows introduces new drone system with Guinness World Record

Nocturne Drone Shows introduces new drone system with Guinness World Record


Sustainable drone shows thanks to lighter, more efficient drones with unrivalled levels of safety and precision

Monza-Italy Nocturne Drone Shows, one of the world’s leading international providers of drone shows and drone-based services, has unveiled the latest innovation in its proprietary drone system at Italy’s legendary Monza Formula One circuit – and set a new world drone record in the process. The record attempt „Most emojis formed by UAVs in three minutes“ was produced by CEO and Executive Creative Producer Jens Hillenkötter and Nocturne Drone Shows especially for the current season of the popular TV entertainment show „Lo Show dei Record“ and broadcast live on Italian television.

After the Guinness World Record „Most consecutive formations by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (Single group)“ from 2021, this is already the second world record involving Nocturne Drone Shows.

The new drone system is significantly more compact, efficient and sustainable than the previous proprietary system.

Jens Hillenkötter explains: „As one of the world’s leading drone show providers, we are constantly facing new challenges. In particular, the question of the sustainability of drone shows is coming more and more into focus for us and our customers. Therefore, our ultimate goal was to develop the most sustainable, efficient and flexible drone fleet in the world without compromising on safety and reliability. After three successful years, implementing the latest technologies was also on our agenda.“

Firstly, the new drones are significantly lighter and more compact, which saves considerable logistical resources. Secondly, thanks to the significantly optimised design and state-of-the-art battery technology, the drone fleet can now also be operated with solar-powered pop-up power modules, further reducing logistical effort and manpower requirements. From now on, solar power operation also makes it possible to dispense with generators.

„With its three special units Nocturne Drone Shows, Security & Defence and Special Projects, Nocturne Drones stands for unparalleled competence in professional drone applications at the highest level. Unlike other drone show providers, we also develop in-house with our own development department. This prerequisite allowed us to develop a new fleet of drones that can be used more flexibly, sustainably and cost-efficiently, but without compromising on the performance and safety typical of our productions. With this development, we underline our claim to leadership in the market and open up our portfolio to more budget-sensitive productions.“

A large number of the new drones will be available in Europe in time for the open-air season.

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