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Proske expands virtual focus


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The Rosenheim agency Proske currently is developing not only the next generation of the Virtual Venue application, but also a new concept for learning and working in companies and institutions. Breaking away from classic showrooms, meeting rooms or hospitality venues, the emphasis is on the development of virtual spaces. For example, Proske could create a digital twin of a company’s headquarters, which does not necessarily have to depict all rooms and make them virtually usable, but which does reflect the corporate identity and brand architecture of a company in digital space.

„From many discussions with well-known companies and large organizations, we know what is expected from virtualization,“ said René Proske, managing director of the eponymous agency. „It’s about installing intelligent touchpoints for internal and external communication. Employees can, for example, ‚experience‘ board members and management in a completely different context and enter into dialog. Likewise, there are a variety of opportunities to ‚open up‘ a company for contact with customers or even the general public and invite them to visit rooms that are normally closed. This is another reason why the installation of virtual rooms is being discussed in many companies at this time.“

Similarly, new approaches are emerging for sales and marketing. In contrast to a traditional website, when presentations and demonstrations are held in virtual rooms, the experience can be enriched using interactive aspects such as direct contact and appropriate settings. They also can contribute significantly to the desired results with argumentation aids, in-depth discussions and visualizations. „The world does not stand still in a lockdown,“ commented Patric Weiler, Director Strategy & Innovation at Proske. „Conventional information requirements and procurement processes are not suspended, but they are shifting – not only due to the pandemic, but also driven by the digitalization of all business processes – increasingly into digital channels with a modified customer journey. I would even go so far as to call virtual events indispensable as an integral building block in the digital ecosystem of companies.“

Essential to this is the intelligent use of digital services, including virtual spaces. The transformation to the digital world further enables the efficient collection and continuous evaluation of data, as well as the resulting ongoing optimization of content, its delivery methods and strategies. In particular, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of large volumes of data (Big Data) creates promising starting points for more relevance in marketing and more effectiveness in sales by enabling a more precise approach relevant to the needs and desires of the target groups. Patric Weiler added, „These combinations can be integrated more intelligently today than a year ago. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the faster innovation cycles and, on the other hand, the willingness in many companies to address these opportunities.“

Corresponding mobile applications can further optimize these options. Closed user groups, for example, are a way for departments and teams to network internally and exchange information in order to compensate for the limited options for communication in home office scenarios. The use of virtual rooms and installations provides a new platform for skills training and the incorporation of tools from the gamification sector enables content to be presented in a didactically effective manner. „For this purpose, we are currently developing intelligent applications for education, training and marketing that can contribute to a ’new normal‘ in companies and support our customers in the realization of their ’new work‘ strategies,“ stated René Proske.

Caption: René Proske (Photo: Proske), Patric Weiler (Photo: Thomas Wieland)

Proske GmbH
Proske GmbH has been offering customized solutions in 360°service for marketing and event management since 1986. Their expertise includes the development and implementation of Strategic Meeting Management Programs (SMMPs) – individually tailored to the specific requirements of each company as well as the execution of digital and non-digital events nationally and internationally on six continents.
The company’s newest business segment is the Virtual Venue platform. With this virtual venue, customers can realize meetings and events of any size and style in real time. Proske GmbH delivers tailor-made solutions for web-based events with the relevant digital and interactive features and comprehensive logistics.
The family-owned event management and marketing agency is active in more than 70 countries on six continents and has about 80 employees worldwide, who speak 16 different languages. The central office of Proske GmbH is located in Rosenheim, the company has additional offices in Munich and New York.

Proske GmbH
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