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Movecat present and correct again at Stage|Set|Scenery III


MovecatPROstageplusThis year’s Stage|Set|Scenery, the specialist trade fair for theatrical, film and events equipment, drew 6,000 international industry insiders to the exhibition halls of Messe Berlin. Among the 311 exhibitors at the show, which ran from the 18th to the 20th June, were once again the specialists in stage kinetics from Movecat, who were presenting to the industry insiders in attendance a selection of new products and highlights of their range.

The prime focus of attention at the stand was the PROstage+ series, to which a new model in the 1000 class was recently added. This is a chain hoist with an unladen weight of 60.8 kg that is capable of moving loads of a metric ton at a speed of 4 m/min – a speed the PROStage+ 1000 maintains over vertical distances of 18 or 24 metres. A particular novely here is the D-Type special chain, which has an eight per cent greater load-bearing capacity than standard chains, and here – despite the uniquely compact dimensions of the device – makes it possible to achieve a static safety factor of 8:1.

Also presented was the Movecat VMB-S band hoist, which with a weight of 100 kg is designed for loads of up to 250 kg. It moves these at speeds from 0-0.8 m/sec (true zero speed) over vertical distances of 24 metres using a maintenance-free steel band.

In the EXPERT-T III I-Motion controller, Movecat was displaying what is now the third generation of its celebrated network controller, which makes it possible to integrate, monitor and control up to 240 fixed- or variable-speed drives in a single network. This latest version is equipped with a 24″ display that is legible in daylight and suitable for outdoor use in combination with a PCAP multi-touch panel, which is the same size and also suitable for outdoor use.

The latest model in the VMW-S winch series also put in an appearance. This device family scores with an extremely compact design and the fact that it supports numerous installation and mounting configurations as well as allowing 360 x 360 degree operation in every installation position. The VMW-S is tested in accordance with BGV C1 / DGU V 17, DIN 56950-1 and DGUV Principles 315-390 and approved for use above persons and in manned airframes, as well as conforming to EN 61508 SIL 3. It is capable of transporting loads of up to 125 kg at speeds continuously variable from 0 to 3 metres per second. The winch achieves acceleration values up to 3m/sec². Hoisting over vertical distances of up to 30 metres is possible.

„The Stage|Set|Scenery show holds a very special charm for us“ said Movecat CFO Oliver Nachbauer, summing up.

„It offers us an opportunity to present innovations and product highlights to a very specialized group of visitors and is the perfect place for an intensive exchange of ideas. We discover here first-hand the requirements of our customers and are able to lay the foundations for the trends and products of tomorrow. For this reason, we are already looking forward to Stage|Set|Scenery 2021.“

Caption: PROstage+ (Photo: Movecat)

Movecat GmbH
Movecat is currently the only manufacturer of kinetic equipment for the stage anywhere in the world capable of offering practice-tested, certified and genuinely available integrated systems compliant with BGV C1 and SIL3 – these consisting of chain hoists, trolleys, band hoists, winches, turntables, load-measurement systems and networks. The company was founded in 1986 by Andrew and Thomas Abele. The products are developed and manufactured in Germany. Movecat’s kinetic solutions are used in high profile shows, tours and TV productions not only in Germany but throughout the world. The company has garnered a host of distinctions in recent years including the TOP 100 Prize, the German Design Award, the P.I.P.A. Award, the Industry Prize and the VR Prize for Innovation.

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