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Dienstag, den 06. November 2018 um 12:27 Uhr

Sara_Nuro_Copyright_Nicolas_Olonetzky_webThe BrandEx Programme and Content Group presents the festival structure and ‘single-space solution’

The first speakers for the BrandEx Festival 2019 have now been confirmed

Three months before the start of the first International Festival of Brand Experience (BrandEx Festival) on 15 January 2019, the initiators have not only published the topics of the presentations, but also announced the first speakers.

At the BrandEx Festival 2019 in Dortmund the current status of live marketing is to be discussed and documented.  For this purpose, an attractive programme with a wide variety of formats for the comprehensive presentation of topics, background and developments is being drawn up, and will also include simultaneous translation for the international visitors. The top-notch BrandEx Programme and Content Group has developed the festival content and defined eight different tracks that provide the programme ‘grid’.

The setting consists of several stages and interactive spaces that will convey inspiring ideas to the festival visitors -  all under one roof, as the BrandEx Festival is designed as a ‘single-space solution’. Precisely what this means and what opportunities will be created as a result should surprise visitors when the time comes. Thus, ‘secrecy’ is the policy of choice for the time being, in order to leave plenty of space for surprises.

The eight festival tracks have all been given individual names that serve as indications of their content. ‘Space’ is dedicated to human-space interaction, while ‘Individuality’ combines the subject of personal development with the ability to have authentic encounters. ‘No Borders’ takes on the issues of real emotions and digital encounters in a multimobile era, and ‘Multi-sensory Experiences’ explores options for creating genuinely multi-sensory encounters. ‘Cultural Change’ looks at old and new orders in society and the resulting alignments. ‘Supranormal’ presents impressively creative figures in the fields of art and culture. ‘Staging – Don’t go making a scene’ puts the spotlight on people who stage stories and spaces in exciting and moving ways. Finally, ‘Fresh’ offers a stage for the next generation.

Within this grid, speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions will present their stories and visions. Currently, the confirmed speakers include Belén Montoliú, curator of the Zürich Festival 2018, the educator and sexual educator Barbara Schiller, Professor Florian Käppler, founder and ‘sound inventor’, the ‘Minister of Happiness’ Gina Schöler, Christoph von Marschall, diplomatic correspondent of the editorial offices of the daily Berlin newspaper ‘Der Tagesspiegel’, the model + moderator Sara Nuru, Christopher Bauder, the owner and creative director of WHITEvoid interactive art & design, and the trend and future researcher Christiane Varga.

You’ll find more information about the programme and the speakers on the BrandEx Festival website, which is continuously updated with the latest details. Here you can also purchase tickets for the festival, the BrandEx Awards ceremony and the after-show party.

Of course, you can also submit your entries for the competition via the website. The deadline for entry submission for the BrandEx Awards 2018 is 11 November 2018.

Caption: Sara Nuru is one of the speakers at the BrandEx Festival 2019 (photo: Profilbild, Copyright Nicolas Olonetzky)

International Festival of Brand Experience  
With the International Festival of Brand Experience (BrandEx), the initiators BlachReport, Messe Dortmund, FAMAB and Studieninstitut für Kommunikation are creating an exclusive platform for event managers and creatives, PR and communication specialists, advertisers, marketeers, scholars, service providers and bright young talents from the trade fair industry, architecture and live communication – nationally and internationally. BrandEx consists of a congress plus the BrandEx Awards ceremony which recognises the year's best projects in the areas of live marketing and brand architecture.

International Festival of Brand Experience
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Sara Nuru (Foto: Copyright Nicolas Olonetzky) Sara Nuru (Foto: Copyright Nicolas Olonetzky)

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